The Louver Twisting Comb is a patent pending flexible screen system to be used as a completely new type of cordless window blinds, space management like room dividers and shelving system or developed into facade systems and other large scale installations. The possibilities are practically endless.

“Curved Twist” is the largest yet KUFtwist screen made in collaboration with textile designer Fay McCaul. 21,500 dichroic rods has been knitted into the screen that changes colour depending on the light and angle it is viewed from. The surface of the screen is opened and closed by moving the Twist modules, which allows for very specific, partial openings. Exhibited at Saatch Gallery during CollectOpen 2017. Images by Dunja Opalko. Film by Zetteler films.

Short animation made by Rory Waudby-Tolley explaining how The Louver Twisting Comb (now KUFtwist) works.

KUFtwist in Jørn Utzon’s house Can Lis in Mallorca. All slats are twisted using just one transverse comb module across the entire screen.

Marble – Royal College of Art graduation show

CMYK – Colour changing installation, Royal College of Art graduation show

KUFtwist in imaginary situations

Early prototypes and tests